Redijus Photography – Destination Photographer


Molka B. wedding in Stockholm, Sweden

Redijus is not a photographer, he is a magic creator.

Beyond his photography skills, he has very important personal skills: he is a very good listener, observer and very reactive. He takes everything with a smile and also integrity is clearly part of his way-of-life. 

When choosing Redijus, I was in the process of finalising a booking with another photographer and I took a big bet because I couldn’t meet Redijus prior to the wedding to really check if we were on the same page but it is following our email conversations that I realised he was the one for me.

When you choose a photographer stay away from “divas”, and choose the human behind the camera. Throughout the day, Redijus was no longer my photographer, he became one of us and everyone liked him: the guests and the entire family.

Don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed!


Junebug Weddings

“Redijus is the ultimate artist’s artist. His passion for people and love overflows into all aspects of his life, which gives him an incredible perspective to shoot an event as precious and intimate as your wedding. Though there are traditions and predetermined elements to every wedding, Redijus strives to capture the elements that make your wedding unique and special. He shoots as an invisible observer, though his warm, outgoing personality makes him a valued guest. His work has infinite depth — you’re not just looking at a photography still, you’re looking at a real moment. And, most importantly, the images he creates ensure you will never forget those treasured feelings, smiles, and tears.”


Way Up North

“Way Up North, is a conference for photographers. It is viewed as the ultimate pressure cooker situation for the photographer who takes the task on of being the event photographer. Who wouldn’t feel the pressure when your work will be judged by hundreds of your peers?

Redijus took the challenge in October 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden and during the three days of coverage, never missed a moment. For a task of this size and nature, that’s an incredible accomplishment for one individual.

The photography itself was outstanding and delivered remarkably quick. Our community was as impressed as we were, and that alone astounded our team.

But what truly astounded – and surprised us – was his proactive professionalism and work ethic. Redijus exceeded our expectations in every way.”